Aniki Allen & Marsha Magdalene

Ice Cream Bow Ties was founded by Aniki Allen, at the age of only 9 years old. The kid boss is also a Creative Designer of the fashionable neck wear line.

Aniki's love for cold treats and creativity allowed him to turn his passion into cold neck wear that all ages would enjoy. As an only child, Aniki was introduced to Lego at a very young age. This was the only activity that he would sit for long periods at a time.  One simple thought from his creativity has developed into a fashionable brand that has encouraged both young and old to continue to be inspired and to reminder all that you are never too young to be great.

As a bi-racial child: Black American and Hmong, Aniki is encouraged to explore who he is. Aniki shares, “I get my inspirations through everyday life, through my family and my Mom and Dad.”  

In 2015, Aniki created his very first brick bow tie, he recreated it in 2016 and after a few months of fine tuning; Aniki along with the help of his Mom: Marsha Magdalene, launched Ice Cream Bow Ties.

Aniki’s future aspirations are to become a successful entrepreneur and finish college.