You can make a difference.

Through our workshops and pop-ups, we are giving Yungpreneurs (young entrepreneurs) the platform and fundamental life skills that will benefit them throughout life.

An unfortunate cycle in America is poverty, unemployment, inadequate education and lack of jobs skills for future generations. Youth unemployment is one of the highest issues we face in our country, this impacts millions of young people and their families. Over 5.3 Million young people in this country, specifically in unprivileged cities and rural areas – have either dropped out of high school or cannot find adequate employment after high school. *[Site: Senator Bernie Sanders, August 1, 2017.]

Specifically, in Minnesota, the teen unemployment rate remains. Data shared by DEED shows unemployment rates for 16-19-year old workforce is now under 10%. People ages 16-24 years old make up 8% of the entire state unemployment rate, while 16-19-year old shift to 10.1% and the lowest age group is 20-24-year-old at only 6.7%. *[Site: May 2016- TC Business]


What is Yungpreneur Workshop with Aniki Allen about?

Participants explore how their creativity could lead to starting their own business. The workshop is led by young entrepreneur Aniki Allen – founder of neckwear company Ice Cream Bow Ties and creator of ANIKI – participants will brainstorm, talk and share their ideas, create a logo and then present it.

All participants will design and keep their very own BRICK Bow Tie.

Past workshops:

August 2019 | Minnesota Children’s Museum | St. Paul, MN

November 2018 | HWMR | North Minneapolis, MN

August 2018 | Mitchell Street Library | Milwaukee, WI

February 2018 | In Progress | St. Paul, MN